Who is Dr.Lazarus Chakwera?



Who is Dr.Lazarus Chakwera?


Dr.  Lazarus Chakwera (DR. Laz) is a transformational leader and motivational speaker committed to self-less service to humanity asinspired by love for all. He is currently a lecturer and professor inTheological Studies and the President of the Malawi Assemblies of God and theFounding Senior Pastor of the International Christian Assembly (ICA) based inthe Capital Lilongwe. DR. Laz also sits in various Executive Boards andcommittees locally and internationally. He doubles as a Board Chairman of theMalawi Council of Sports and Board Trustee Member of the Media Council ofMalawi. Additionally, Dr. Laz is a member of the Public Universities WorkingCommittee of Malawi. Dr. Laz recently retired from the presidency of the MalawiAssemblies of God having served for 24 years.


Family andCultural Background

Born in 1955 to Ernest and Mallen Chakwera, Dr. Laz hails from Malembo Village in the TraditionalAuthority (TA) Khongoni in Lilongwe District. He has strong roots from Dowa andMchinji where his parents came from.  Heis happily married to Monica, a Professional Accountant and a holder ofBachelors Degree in Social Work. Monica, the wife and partner, hails from JekaVillage, TA Chikulamayembe in Rumphi District. The Chakweras are blessed withfour supportive and hardworking children. Dr. Laz a Chewa and Monica a Tumbukaby tribe are part of the wider extended Malawi family as enhanced throughmatrimonial ties of families of the children. As a Faith leader, Dr. Laz worksand peacefully coexists with people from all political, cultural and religiousbackgrounds.



Dr. Laz is agraduate of the Malawi education system from Primary through to the Universitylevels. He holds:

·      Bachelors degree in English andPhilosophy from Chancellor College (1977)

·      Bachelors in Theology (Hons)from University of the North, Sovenga, South Africa (1981)

·      Masters in Theology, FromUniversity of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa (1991)

·      Doctor of Theology from TrinityInternational University, USA, (2000)

Additionally,Dr. Laz is well travelled and well read having attended various political,social and economic forums that have broadened his global and local view ofhuman life and survival.


Leadership Experienceand Abilities

Dr. Laz is an experienced and mature leader, whose leadership dates back to the youth days. He is a Team Worker and inspires peers in leadership service. Dr. Laz has also provided leadership in key public institutions and participated in dialogue processes as follows:

·      Board Chairperson, Petroleum Control Commission (PCC) Malawi 2005-2007

·      Board Chairperson, National Council of Sports, Malawi, 2007-2013

·      Board of Trustees Member, Media Council of Malawi, 2007-2013

·      Member of Negotiation Team, Budget/Sec. 65 Impasse (2004-2009 Tenure)

·      Member, Public Universities, Working Committee of Malawi, 2011-2013

His longservice in leadership positions outside the church has exposed him to the development and governance debate at local, national and international level. As a faith leader, Dr. Laz has interacted with leaders and the common man on the street and is conversant with poverty and governance issues as any other bonafide citizen of the republic of Malawi.


Core Personal Values and Skills

Dr. Lazbelieves in sanctity of human life. He has strong respect for principles of human rights and good governance. He is a progressive leader with high integrity and easily functions in cultural, religious and political diversity. Additionally, Dr. Laz has excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills. He has participated in various negotiation and dialogue processes basing his involvement on values of patriotism and service to humanity. Dr. Laz is tolerant to diverse views.


Potential for Political Leadership

Dr. Laz is a seasoned leader who is prepared for the TASK of providing national and political leadership. Dr. Laz has witnessed major political, social and economic transformations since Dr. Kamuzu Banda and MCP regime. Throughout his career, he has amassed vast knowledge around the national development discourse. He has a global view of development. As the search for transformational leadership beyond 2014 rages on, Dr. Laz emerges as one of viable alternatives for the national struggle for justice, equality, freedom, and quest for poverty eradication.




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