DPP supporters arrested in Balaka

By Yamikani Msukwa

Police in Balaka have arrested nine supporters of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following the violence that erupted in the district during elections for the director of women for the eastern region.
According to Balaka police Publicist Joseph Sauka, the suspects also assaulted and barred one of the candidates from contesting from the elections.
Sauka, however, could not tell the details of the arrested supporters, but indicated that they will be taken to court to answer charges of assault.
This follows another incident where thugs believed to be DPP youth cadets burn to ashes two houses belonging to People’s Party (PP) members in Mulanje Central Constituency in the southern district of Mulanje.

Following the incident, PP deputy publicity secretary, Ken Msonda warned that they have the ability, machinery, capacity and resources to hit back and make DPP leadership and its follower’s lives miserable.
“PP does not believe in violence; we believe that in a multiparty dispensation people can agree to disagree and still live together peacefully; remember – meekness is not weakness but rather strength under control,” he said.

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