Zimbabweans have exercised their democratic right by overwhelming voting Zanu PF. The people have spoken with clarity and have given Zanu PF more than two-thirds control of Parliament and His Excellency President Robert Mugabe has been re-elected with an emphatic 61% of the vote.

So, what’s next?

Zanu PF will immediately begin to implement the policies expressed in the Party’s People’s manifesto which are all premised on the indigenisation of the economy and the monetisation of indigenised and idle assets.

This process will begin with the indigenisation of at least 1138 foreign owned companies that are currently operating in the country.

It will free up billions of dollars in liquidity to finance the recovery of our economy through the rehabilitation of the physical and social infrastructure, which will create massive employment opportunities.

Indigenisation is already in action in communities around the country and its benefits are quickly becoming apparent.

In the next five years, Zimbabwe is going to witness a unique wealth redistribution model that will see ordinary people take charge of their economy.

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