Although Apple is still putting the finishing touches to its Watch, ahead of its highly anticipated launch in March – yesterday, it released a test version of the final product.

So what can we expect?

Receive calls and texts: The Watch is compatible with the iPhone 5 and beyond. So when it’s in sync with either of these devices, it can accept texts and calls.

Analyses texts: The Watch looks at your incoming texts and analyses their content. Based on this, it can suggest quick replies that you can send straight from your wrist.

Wi-Fi: the watch will be able to connect to the internet.

Measures heart rate: Using a custom heart rate sensor located on the back of the watch, you can measure your heart rate at any time. Using the Watch’s Taptic Engine.

WatchKit: This will allow developers to create third party apps. When the Watch is finally on sale, there will be a slate of new apps specifically created for the wristlet.

iTunes and Apple TV access: You’ll be access your iTunes library and listen to iTunes Radio, and access Apple TV with a simple swipe.

Siri: Using the watch’s mic, you can access Siri and use it to dictate a text, or ask questions.

Apple Pay: One of the most-talked about new Apple products is Pay, the virtual wallet that digitises your banking information.

Sources familiar with the product’s development, say that the device is currently on track to shipped in the United States by the end of March.

As of yet though, Apple has refused to reveal exactly when it will be released. That being said, a statement made to Apple employees suggests the release date will be in ‘the spring.’

Originally unveiled on September 9 at Apple’s iPhone 6 launch event, the Apple Watch is the company’s foray into wearable computers.

At this moment in time, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Microsoft have already successfully launched their own smartwatches.

So now the ball’s firmly in Apple’s court, do you think they’ll be able to deliver a game changing smartwatch?

Let us know your thought?








Source : SKY NEWS

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