Bayern punished by UEFA for banners

Bayern Munich will have to close a small section of one stand for their Champions League tie with Manchester United.

Bayern Munich have been ordered to close part of their stadium for the Champions League match at home to Manchester United next month for “discriminatory behaviour” by their supporters, according to UEFA.

Bayern will have to shut “Sector 124” of the Allianz Arena for the quarter-final second leg on April 9, UEFA said, although they gave no indication of which part of the stadium that section is located in or how many seats will be affected.

UEFA said fans showed ‘illicit banners’ during the round of 16 tie at home to Arsenal earlier this month.

Warning for future

They declined to give more details about the cause of the ban, although media photographs showed a group of fans with a homophobic banner aimed at Arsenal.

Another banner made reference to Kosovo’s desire to be in FIFA.

The German club have also been fined $13,800 and UEFA have warned that a repeat offence will carry a $70,000 fine and a future match to be played behind closed doors.





Source : AP

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