BT chiefs unhappy with Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu

By Yamikani Msukwa

Some chiefs from Blantyre City South Constituency are unhappy with Minister of Information and Civic Education, Moses Kunkuyu claiming he has dumped a health centre project in the area.
According to Malawi daily, The Daily Times, the constituents molded and burnt over one million bricks in 2010 but nothing happened.
Group Village Headman Kampala and Village Headman Martin claimed that they mobilized their subordinates to mould the bricks after their parliamentarian promised them that the project will roll off with the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).
“If anything the bricks are being stolen each passing day and had it been that we do not engage some youth to guard the bricks at night, we could have lost all the bricks by now,” said Kampala.
He also claims that attempts to meet their legislator on the matter have been hitting the snag since he ascended to the ministerial position.
“This has put us in a quandary because the people who dedicated themselves in moulding the bricks want answers from us on the progress of the health centre which would have benefited people from at least eight villages,” said Kampala.
On his part Martin said the chiefs suspect that Kunkuyu diverted the money meant for the project hence his preference for a smaller project of an Admarc depot to a health facility.
Reacting to the claims, Kunkuyu accused the chiefs of trying to dent his image claiming that the same chiefs changed their mind on the project and opted for Admarc depot project.

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