Clunky Tablet Developed For US Prison Inmates

A company known as the ‘Apple of the US prison system’ rolls out an internet-capable tablet for inmates.

With a clunky design, 4.3-inch screen, and limited web capability – the JP5mini tablet is unlikely to bring Apple’s iPad executives out in a sweat.

Luckily for manufacturer JPay, it has a captive audience – US prisoners.

The Android-based tablet costs $70 (£45) and is being rolled-out in US prisons in which wireless internet is available.

It means some inmates will have the opportunity to connect to the web, listen to music, and use apps.

But given that it is to be used by convicted criminals, both the hardware and software are locked down.

The devices are made from clear, polycarbonate plastic which is impact resistant.

It cannot be opened – reducing the risk of the tablet being prised open and used to smuggle contraband.

It also has a secure boot loader so that no other operating system can be installed, meaning inmates cannot manipulate the system in unauthorised ways.

Email conversations can be monitored, while music, apps and other services are also heavily restricted.

Bloomberg has previously called JPay the Apple of the US prison system, as it runs the communications technology for correctional facilities across the country.

JPay chief executive Ryan Shapiro said in a statement: “This tablet, combined with our current reach, has the capacity to truly rehabilitate offenders on a massive scale.

“We believe a real change is coming to corrections and we are excited to be at the forefront.”




Source: Daily Mail

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