Crocodile vs Zebra: Stunning pictures of vicious fight to the death on Kenyan river

Pictures taken by Ghana-based photographer Michael Olsen show fight to the death up close and in terrifying detail




These stunning photographs show in terrifying detail a violent struggle between a crocodile and a zebra trying to cross a Kenyan river.

The razor toothed croc was in no mood for mercy as the young zebra lost its footing crossing the Mara River in Kenya.

The foal was travelling with a group of zebra migrating to Tanzania and were forced to make the risky river crossing to continue their journey.

The rest of the herd – led by a stallion nicknamed ‘Captain Courageous’ – made it safely across, but the youngster slipped in deeper water and the crocs saw their chance, moving quickly in for the kill. The frightening photo



Source : Mirror

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