Diamonds win Gotv Challenge

Diamonds Netball Club, formerly Escom Sisters, are the winners f the inaugural GOtv Netball Champions League.
The Diamonds won the championship on Saturday after beating Civonets 40-28 on Friday and then MTL Queens 38-28 on Saturday to leapfrog strongest contenders Bingu Tigresses.
But Diamonds still went on to finish in style beating Tigresses 35-32 to finish with 26 points, five clear of their rivals Tigresses.
Coach Griffin Saenda said they owed the victory to a well planned mission.
“Without proper preparations, we could not have been successful because all the games were tough,” he said.
Tigresses, had themselves to blame for missing the K8 million championship after allowing MTL Queens to narrowly beat them 40-39 despite starting well with a 43-31 win over Civonets 43-31 on Friday.
But they still recovered and beat Blue Eagles to finish second.
Blue Eagles Sisters finished third with 16 points while MTL Queens finished fourth with 12 points while Civonets were at the bottom with five points.

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