Fam Concerned With Army v Civilian teams Violence

Football Association of Malawi(Fam) has expressed concern over pockets of violence at games between civilian and army teams.
Of late when ever army team, Red Lions, Moyale Barracks, Mafco and Kamuzu Barracks are playing against civilian sides in Super League and cup games, there have tension leading running battles between supporters of both sides.
In the recent incident a Carlsberg Cup quarterfinal game between Red Lions and Evirom was abandoned after violence erupted at Kamuzu Stadium.
Fam has since issued a statement pleading with all Super League teams that it would not condone such acts of violence and hooliganism.
“There is unnecessary tension between the four Army teams namely Red Lions, Kamuzu Barracks, Mafco and Moyale Barracks and the Civilian teams. Fam has been made to understand that there is conspiracy by Civilians teams against Army teams whom they accuse of aggression and intimidation whenever they are playing Civilian teams,” a statement from Fam General Secretary read in part.
“To an extent that hatred has come in as a result of the success of army teams in local competitions as well as their continued good sponsorship from the Malawi Defence Force against the Civilian teams poor run of form and continued struggle to find stable sponsorship.”
“It should be brought to the attention of Army teams’ supporters that when their teams join local competitions they participate as football teams and not as military entities. As such they are expected to follow the guidelines and regulations governing football in the country and to conduct themselves in a manner that football regulations require them to.”
Fam however, has also asked army to team to lead by example by being disciplined.
“It is in this regard that FAM implores Army team supporters to lead by example and behave as they are trained in the army, to be disciplined. Their status as soldiers does not give them a right to do as they please at football matches. They should not abuse their power against the Civilians.
“Whether the soldiers are provoked and mocked through songs which derides their professionalism they should resist from using aggression force and intimidation in retaliation to the same. Soldiers should be able to respond to mockery chants as football fans by also singing and chanting other than using force as soldiers to intimidate civilians,” Nyirenda said.
Fam has also banned wearing of army gear during games.
“From now on wards, FAM bans the wearing of Army Camouflage Uniforms or any army gear by Army teams Technical personnel and officials during matches.
“Fam will also take proper measures with Army authorities to help in disciplining their supporters and teams. If the army has procedures of rewarding their teams for achieving success in local competitions, we believe they also have procedures for disciplining teams that misbehave in the same competitions,” he said.

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