Google Gmail Users Have Problems Connecting

Users report difficulty accessing their email and other Google services but the company says things are now running as normal.

Google says its Gmail service is now working normally after users in countries around the world experienced problems on Friday evening.

Customers in the US and UK were among those affected and reported getting an error message reading: “Temporary Error 500. We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable.”

Chat platform Google Hangouts and social networking service Google+ also had connectivity and speed problems.

Users in India were also reported to be have had difficulties.

The company’s status dashboard listed amber warnings, indicating disruption to a range of services, for about an hour.

But by 9pm UK time Google said things were back to normal.

Yahoo, a main rival to the search giant, cheekily tweeted news of the outage, along with a picture of the error message.

However it later took down the tweet and posted an apology.

Yahoo said: “Earlier today, a tweet that reflected bad judgment was posted and has been deleted. We apologize to @Google and the @Gmail team.”

Yahoo had its own email problems last month, with users locked out of accounts and messages not being delivered.



Source : Sky News

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