Govt stops Saintfiet bonus

Malawi National Council of Sports has stopped the payment of US$10,000 to newly appointed Flames coach Tom Saintfiet if Malawi beats Nigeria in next month World Cup qualifier.
The coach was expected to be paid US$10,000)about K3 million) as a bonus if he beats Super Eagles in the qualifier.
Fam president Walter Nyamilandu said the US$10,000 was dropped after consultations with Malawi National Council of Sports.
“After discussions with Malawi National Council of Sports, we felt the game bonus should be withdrawn,” said the FA president.
The newly appointed Flames coach had said he was not in the country for monetary gains but rather he had a dream of seeing Malawi at the 2014 Brazil World Cup.
The 40 year-old Belgian made the statement when he was unveiled as the new coach for the Malawi national team in Lilongwe on Tuesday.
He was reacting to the controversy after Fam demoted Eddington Ng’onamo and decided to appoint Saintfiet who has volunteer but will get $10,000 US dollars bonus if he beats Nigeria.
“The reason why I am in Malawi is because Malawi has potential. Malawi is 217 minutes away from the World Cup; 90 minutes against Nigeria and two-times 90 minutes in the play offs. That’s a great opportunity.
“I got a couple offers last week from clubs in South Africa, In Kenya, Tunisia, Lebanon. I see some people talking about the bonus I get if I beat Nigeria. If I decided last week to go to Lebanon I would have in the next two months four times that bonus without any risk of winning or losing.”
He stressed that his sojourn to Malawi was because Malawi has potential to qualify for the World Cup.
“So if I was here for the bonus, I would have been very stupid, I would have signed somewhere else if wanted money. I have volunteered, I am here because have a dream. I am 100 percent sure that Malawi is a country that can go to the world cup,” he said.
“What Senegal and Togo did in the past, what Trinidad Tobago, Jamaica, North Korea did, a small football nation like Malawi can also do. Malawi can be there at the right moment and the right time. Now is the right time for Malawi.”
The coach has since accepted the decision not to pay him any money if he beats Nigeria.
“I already said money is not important right now,” Saintfiet said.

Saintfiet has coached in several countries; Belgium, Qatar, Germany, Faroe Islands, Finland and the Netherlands.
He has also worked in Africa, becoming the Head Coach of Namibia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Before going to Namibia, Saintfiet was manager of Finnish Premier League club RoPS Rovaniemi.
In 2002, Tom Saintfiet coached Faroese team B71 and finished second in the Faroe Islands First Division.
He then went on to become coach at Al-Ittihad Sports Club of Qatar (now called Al-Gharafa Sports Club).
In 2004 he Coached the Qatar U17 team to third place in the AFC Asian Championships and qualified for the U17 FIFA World Championships.
Prior to FIFA World Cup 2010, Saintfiet was one of the candidates to lead the African Super Eagles, Nigeria, for the World Cup campaign in South Africa.

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