Hanks terrified by pirate actors

Tom Hanks has admitted to being terrified the first time he saw the actors playing pirates in Captain Phillips.
The Saving Mr Banks actor starred in the adaptation of a real-life story about the captain of a cargo ship who was kidnapped and taken hostage by Somali pirates.
He told TV Times that director Paul Greengrass had kept the extras playing the pirates out of sight until they made their entrance, for maximum impact: “It was a smart move on Paul’s part, because we literally went through the same thing the real crew went through.
“We heard them coming and getting closer. And when they finally arrived, they burst onto the bridge and we saw these incredibly skinny, living, breathing guys for the first time.
“They are the thinnest human beings ever and they are incredibly scary because their heads are huge, their teeth are really bad and they’re waving automatic weapons in our faces and screaming at us.”
He continued: “I can tell you it raised the hair on the back of all our necks. It was a visceral kind of moment and we were truly petrified.”
Tom explained how he eventually got over his fear when one of the pirates said to him: “Hey, man, I just want to say I can’t believe I’m working with the guy who played Forrest Gump.”

Source : PA

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