Honda: Japan’s First Net Car Exporter From US

Honda hits a new milestone after making vehicles in the US for 30 years – it exports more from the US than it imports.

Honda has become the first Japanese carmaker to become a net exporter of cars from the United States.

The company said it exported 108,705 vehicles from its production plants in the US last year while importing 88,537.

The statistics cover vehicles wearing the Honda and Acura brand badges.

Honda North America’s executive vice president Rick Schostek called it a milestone that was “30 years in the making”.

He said the value of the US-made export vehicles was $2.65bn (£1.6bn).

The average value of each vehicle was $24,377 (£14,680).

The milestone for Honda comes after it bet more than $2.7bn on a strengthening recovery in the car market, by expanding its production facilities in the US over the past three years.

Mr Schostek said company strategy was designed to boost production in the US and also make cars close to the final destination markets where they are sold.


The Honda president launches the new CR-V in 2006
In 2012 Honda had to recall nearly 500,000 CR-Vs over safety issues

The company said it shipped cars from its US plants last year to 50 countries, with most exports to Mexico. No vehicles went to the Japanese home market.

It did not include a breakdown figure of cars sent to Canada.

Honda helped break America’s addiction to gas-guzzlers when it imported the small Civic into the country in 1973, as the global energy crisis shocked motorists.

It started making cars in America 1982, at a plant in Ohio in the first production facility owned by a Japanese carmaker.

The firm now operates seven assembly plants in North America, including four in the United States. It will open its eighth factory, in Mexico, next month.

The 2013 output was a major shift from a year earlier, when imports to the US stood at around 136,000, against  exports of about 74,000.

Honda made 1.78 million vehicles in total in North America last year, including a record 1.3 million in the US.

It said 95% of Hondas sold in the US last year were made domestically.




Source : Sky News

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