How To Avoid Downloading Facebook’s Messenger App

Facebook wants you to download a separate app for messaging, but there’s a way to avoid it…for now

Facebook has decreed you may no longer message your friends through the normal Android, iOS or Windows Phone app. You now have to head into the dedicated Messenger app that brings about the floating heads feature and is entirely separate to Facebook’s other features.

To do so the app is going to take up space on your device as well as making more clutter on your homescreen or app drawer. Messenger is not exactly the most well recieved app in the world either – on Apple’s App Store it’s currently got a rating of 1.5 out of 5. It’s entirely understandable if you don’t want to clog up your phone with multiple apps that used to all work as one.

There is a solution – at least for now – that will allow you to carry on messaging through the normal Facebook app and therefore not have to download Messenger. We’ll teach you how just below with these simple steps to avoid downloading Messenger.

Note: At the time of writing, this method worked on some Android and iOS devices, not all. It also wouldn’t surprise us if Facebook cottons on to the method and finds a way around it in the near future.

Head Into Facebook’s App

If you’ve not already downloaded the Messenger app you will be prompted to get it when you head into the normal Facebook app. It’ll ask you to install the app with a link to the store to download. Sometimes a Remind Later option is given, you may just get a couple more days of using the normal app but eventually it’ll revert to a Learn More section and force you to download.

Download Facebook Messenger

Now you need to ask your phone to install the application. Head into either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and press download just like any other app.

Cancel The Download

Whilst it’s downloading you’ll have a little bit of time to cancel the download. If you hit the stop or X button it’ll fool the normal Facebook app into thinking you’ve downloaded Messenger and will allow you to use it as per normal.

Go Back To Facebook

Now when you’re back inside the normal Facebook app you’ll be able to access your messages just like before. You may need to refresh the app though; to do so force close and then open it up again.

We can’t guarantee this method will work, it has only worked on some handsets so far and Facebook is sure to figure out what’s happening very soon.

Source : Yahoo

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