Ken Msonda says PP has right to defend itself

By Yamikani Msukwa

People’s Party (PP) deputy publicity Secretary Ken Msonda has described reports that he will appear before the party’s disciplinary committee as “wishful thinking” by his detractors.

Reports indicated that Msonda has been summoned to appear before the party’s disciplinary after he defied his Secretary General Paul Maulidi on the call to apologize for the ‘war’ threats he made against former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following the Mulanje fracas.

Msonda challenged that there was “nothing to withdraw and nothing apologize”, adding that those who are condemning his remarks “are the ones promoting violence and encouraging DPP to continue with their barbaric acts of brutality, killings, murder and torching people’s houses.”

“The issue of being summoned to appear before the party’s disciplinary is just wishful thinking by my detractors to appease their pay masters who put food on their table.

“Every citizen, party, organization or nation have the right to defend himself/herself or itself when threatened or under attack by perpetrators of brutality/violent barbaric acts; like the DPP. Such perpetrators have no room in a democratic setup and need to be strongly warned to stop.

“I am in a very good working relationship with my party leadership, my seniors and juniors, including the Acting Secretary General Hon Paul Maulidi.

Msonda further said the word “insubordination” does not appear in his vocabulary as it was removed years back.

“We were together with Hon P Maulidi in Mzuzu on party duties, chatting, laughing and dining together as co-workers in PP. So the issue of being summoned to appear before a disciplinary committee is neither here nor there.”

“We appeal to our country’s professional journalists to choose correct words and condemn perpetrators of political violent and barbaric acts like the DPP as we are heading towards 2014 general elections,”

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