Kenyan lawyer sues Israel, Italy and Pontius Pilate for Jesus’ crucifixion

A Kenyan lawyer has filed a petition to overturn the 2,000-year-old trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, arguing that the trial was unlawful and demanding that Israel and Italy be held responsible.

Dola Indidis, a lawyer, Roman Catholic, and former spokesperson for the Kenyan Judiciary, filed the lawsuit regarding Jesus’ death with the International Court of Justice, the primary judicial branch of the United Nations based at The Hague in the Netherlands. Indidis filed the lawsuit against Pontius Pilate, several Jewish elders, King Herod, Tiberius (Emperor of Rome 42 BC-37AD), the Republic of Italy and the State of Israel.
“I filed the case because it’s my duty to uphold the dignity of Jesus and I have gone to the ICJ to seek justice for the man from Nazareth,” Indidis told the Nairobian in a recent interview. “His selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice.”
Indidis claims the goal of his lawsuit is to have “a declaratory judgment declaration that the trial judgment and sentence entered were badly done and therefore null and void,” according to The Blaze. Additionally, the lawyer argues that Jesus’ sentence was incompatible with Galilean law at the time, as the sentence for blasphemy was being stoned to death, not crucifixion.
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