Mafunyeta Dead

Mafunyeta’s death came barely 24 hours after his sister, who died on Thursday, was laid to rest on Saturday in Mwanza where the family hails from.

“His sister, Mphatso, passed away on Thursday and the body was taken to Mwanza where her remains were buried on Friday; the family had just returned on Sunday only to lose Mafunyeta again a few hours later upon arrival,” explained the neighbour tearfully.

She added: “The sad thing is that her sister, Mphatso, and Mafunyeta died of asthma and after a very brief attack.”

Mafunyeta’s demise has shocked many especially his peers in Area 18 location where he was residing with his parents.

One of his peers, Noel Chitimba, described Mafunyeta as a sociable talented youth who was fast ascending to the pinnacle of his career.

“I’m at loss of word,” he said. “It is very sad that the neighbourhood is robbed of such young and enterprising youth especially in the social world.”

Mafunyeta came to the lime light in music circles with his rather diverse approach to dance hall music and he exhausted the airwaves with his most loved hit, Kangobwera.

Mafunyeta-Facebook Crazy

Some of his more memorable hits include Ndimakondwa and Kangobwera.

According to his brother Innocent, Mafunyeta had just released a song called ‘Come back again’ through Kaitana Kavula Warge Records.

As an artist, his strength in music lied in his poetic composition full of rhyming lyrics which he sung in a way that left many asking for more.

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