Malawi govt. asked to resolve drug crisis with speed

Yamikani Msukwa
Health activists have told Malawi government to address shortage of drugs in public hospitals observing that the delay will particularly result in high deaths among diabetic patients.
Reports indicate that there are no drugs in hospitals for diabetic and asthmatic patients. Local media also reported of the unavailability of anti-rabies vaccine and dental anesthesia in public health facilities.


Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) further reported anti-rabies vaccine was not available at the Central Medical Stores Trust’s warehouse in the north. Likewise, representatives of the Diabetes Association of Malawi (DAM) also feared that the country will register high deaths among the diabetic patients, because the country’s referral hospitals do not have the required medication in stock. One of DAM Educators, Joseph Phiri claimed that diabetic patients seeking medical attention are being sent back by health officials on condition that there are no Insulin and Metformin drugs.

“This is becoming a worrisome situation because the country continues to register diabetic deaths which would have been saved through the procurement of the drugs,” said Phiri.
Meanwhile, CMST has claimed and confirmed that anti-rabies vaccine is available in its regional warehouses across the country.
All public health institutions and in particular central hospitals and district hospitals were informed of the deliveries and were advised to order the vaccine suing standard procedures, according to CMST’s Director Pharmaceutical Operations, Dr Moses Chisale. “As Monday, August 26, the Regional CMST stock balances were 450 courses for the south, 645 courses for centre and 67 courses for the north.

“CMST therefore profoundly regrets any reports of unavailability of the vaccine in its warehouses and invites general public to continue seeking medical attentio from their respective facilities,” said Chisale.

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