Malawians Eagerly Await President Banda’s Press Briefing

Malawi President Joyce Banda returns home from USA this afternoon and is expected to hold a Press Briefing at Sanjika where a number of issues are set to be addressed including the Cash-gate Scandal that has shocked the entire nation.
The nation eagerly awaits the President’s response to the scandal that has seen massive plunder and looting of public resources at Capitol Hill revealed.
Several arrests of top government officials have been made and some have already appeared in court on charges ranging from corruption to theft by public servant.
The development has seen Civil Society Organisations, politicians and other commentators calling for the Banda administration’s resignation for allowing wanton plundering of the government resources.
Demonstration are set for tomorrow as the CSO try to push for Banda’s resignation.
However, it is unlikely if the President will step down.
She has already said the arrest of the culprits is actually the fruits of her administration’s fight on corruption.
“As I had directed, we have security personnel and the financial intelligence officers working round the clock to investigate any aspects of financial irregularities. I am personally ensuring that they have enough resources and staff to close all loopholes of corruption and money laundering,.” President Banda said on her Facebook page.
“I assure everyone that the future of our nation is better than its past as together we will overcome corruption and together we will build a corruption free society making our country greater!”
And yesterday she wrote:
“I am on my way home. The trip has been very beneficial to Malawi as I managed to attend the UN General Assembly, I met with donors and our international partners regarding the social and economic developments of our people in Malawi and I had fruitful discussions with potential investors interested in tourism, agricultural and mining sectors. Thank you all for your support and prayers. See you soon! Have a blessed day!”
Meanwhile, reports indicate the President and first gentleman Richard Banda, other PP and government leaders reportedly had a closed door meeting with former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo at the RSA Hospital.
Mphwiyo was shot while entering his house in area 43 in Lilongwe in what triggered the arrest of several government officials who were caught with millions of cash.
After the shooting, Banda said she knew the culprits and warned that they would not be spared from the rule of the law.

“ I must warn everyone that I will not allow any government official or ordinary citizen to interfere with the ongoing investigations. I also appeal to the media and everyone to refrain from making speculative statements that will interfere with the investigations. Let us all give opportunity for the process of criminal investigations regarding the shooting to be completed,” she said.

“Once again, let me repeat what I said at the commemoration of Anti-Corruption Day in February this year that , there will be no sacred cows in my quest to root out corruption in Malawi and please be rest assured that no official allegedly involved in shady dealings will be spared from the long arm of the law.”

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