Mulanje Central Constituency Saga:

By Yamikani Msukwa
Ken Msonda snubs boss: ‘Nothing to withdraw and nothing to apologize’
Malawi’s ruling People’s Party deputy publicity secretary, Ken Msonda has maintained his stand the ruling party has the responsibility and obligation to ensure that supporters are not being victimized because of their political party affiliation.
Msonda has since said “there is nothing to withdraw and nothing to apologize” and that opposition “Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) should stop this nonsense.”
PP Acting Secretary General Paul Maulidi asked Msonda to apologize for the war threats he made against DPP.
The deputy publicity secretary made the remarks after some thugs believed to be DPP youth cadets torched to ashes two houses belonging to PP MJ District Members, Pilani Chimpembeli and Alice Julio of Sapuwa Village, Group Village Headman Chikambi, and Traditional Authority Chikumbu in Mulanje Central Constituency on Saturday August 31, 2013.
Msonda further warned DPP that they have the ability, machinery, capacity and resources to hit back, and make DPP leadership and its followers’ lives miserable.
“My response to your questionnaire is that there is nothing to withdraw and nothing to apologize; I stand by what I said; DPP should stop this nonsense.
“As a party we have a responsibility and obligation to make sure our party members, supporters and followers are safe and live peacefully; they should not be victims of political violence because of their party affiliation.
“PP does not believe in violence; we believe that in a multiparty dispensation people can agree to disagree and still live together peacefully; remember – meekness is not weakness but rather strength under control,” said Msonda Tuesday.
He also said those who are condemning his remarks “are the ones promoting violence and encouraging DPP to continue with their barbaric acts of brutality, killings, murder and torching people’s houses.”
“We cannot standby and tolerate such nonsense when our party members are being attacked, loose property & live in fear. The bottom line is; DPP should stop this nonsense or face the consequences.”
There was no immediate reaction from Maulidi and DPP Publicity Secretary Nicolas Dausi.
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