Nice urges political parties to develop clear, robust strategies

Political parties in Malawi should revisit their approach to issues of voter mobilization and education as well as monitoring, the National Initiative for Civic Education has said.
Nice has since urged political parties to develop clear, robust and comprehensive voter mobilization strategies.
Nice made this appeal following revelations of enormous gaps in the capacity and motivation of political party monitors to effectively monitor any election process.
Initially, Nice made rounds during the first phase of voter registration to establish challenges personnel manning the ongoing voter registration are facing.
“Political parties should realize that they are the main stakeholders in the electoral processes, hence they should not leave all the work on voter mobilization and monitoring to Mec and CSOs.
“They need to have a clear identification, recruitment, training and deployment strategy for their monitors so that they can effectively monitor the processes and submit coherent report which can be shared with other stakeholders,” said Ollen Mwalubunju, Nice Executive Director.
He also recommends that Mec should also provide better management to ensure serious-minded staff members are recruited at district level as some exhibited signs of disinterest with the voter registration exercise or lacked appreciation of the value of participation in a democracy.
“Mec needs to carefully plan the payment modalities of registration staff allowances or honorarium to avoid cases where they start work without knowing when exactly they will be paid and they need clear contracts,” said Mwalubunju.
He further said the electoral body should consider outsourcing the photography services to ensure professional work is done, claiming that it was clear that some of those being used are “amateurs”.
Efforts to get hold of Mec’s spokesperson Sangwani Mwafulirwa proved futile as his mobile could not be picked.

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