Phones Unveiled At CES Can Unlock Doors

A lock springs open when it detects the phone’s Bluetooth, while an app can also be used to remotely give access to others.

Phone-controlled locks could one day make rummaging for your keys a thing of the past, and some of the latest designs have been revealed at the CES show.

The devices work by using a phone’s Bluetooth connection to automatically open the lock when an approved person is nearby.

The Goji Smart Lock, one of several designs on show at the Las Vegas technology expo, can also take a photo of whoever has triggered the lock and automatically send it to the homeowner’s phone.

Temporary “digital keys” can also be created for certain periods or times of the day.

Goji Lock
The lock features a built-in camera, as well as a personal welcome

For example, a text or email can be sent to a neighbour, babysitter or plumber to give them the power to unlock the front door.

The lock’s functions are controlled by an iPhone or Android app.

Goji’s founder, Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, said users could potentially control access to their home while lounging on a beach thousands of miles away.

The Skybell shows you who is at your door

“Your lock is linked to the wi-fi of your home, and your home automation system, so you could manage your home from anywhere in the world,” he said.

“This is a really life-changing event that is happening nowadays.”

A wi-fi connected doorbell, called the SkyBell, was another of the security gadgets being shown off at CES.

It sends an alert to a person’s phone – plus live video – whenever someone rings the bell and lets the homeowner talk to the visitor.

A motion sensor also triggers an alert when someone is lurking nearby, potentially catching out unwanted visitors.

The annual CES technology show – the biggest in the world – has seen the biggest players in technology, as well as many start-ups, show off their latest products.



Source : Sky News

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