Political parties differ on nomination fees

By Yamikani Msukwa

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says its aspirants will compete freely in primary elections saying the party’s convention did not set fees for presidential and parliamentary candidates.

“We did not set fees for the presidential candidates at the convention and we do not expect any fees at lower levels.

“Aspirants will compete freely in primaries as precedence was already set at the presidential level at the convention,” said MCP Secretary General, Chris Daza.

But United Democratic Front (UDF) has told The Nation that male parliamentary aspirants will pay K30,000 whereas male councilors will have cough K10,000 as commitment fees.

“We also have an affirmative action to ensure women participation. Women participating in parliamentary race will pay K20,000 while councilor primaries women may pay about K5,000,” said UDF Publicity Secretary, Ken Ndanga.

While ruling People’s Party and Democratic Progressive party (DPP) have not yet decided on the matter as their national governing councils are also yet to meet to deliberate on the same.

The Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) reduced the fees for female aspirants by 25 percent discount in order to encourage the 50-50 women participation campaign.
Presidential candidates will pay K1, 000, 000.00 while parliamentary candidates (male) will pay K200,000 and female K150, 000. Council candidates (male) will pay K20, 000 while female will contribute K15,000.

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