Pope Francis’ Skullcap Snatched Off

Pope Francis got a surprise when his skullcap was yanked off during a visit to a children’s centre.
The Pontiff picked up a small boy and lifted him above his head during a visit to the Santa Marta Institute, a paediatric facility in the Vatican.
But the youngster spotted the Pope’s white Zuchetto (skullcap) and deftly snatched it with his right hand.
A grinning Pope Francis managed to grab the skullcap and replace it on his head, but not before the youngster had a good feel of his head and white hair.
Earlier, he had been presented with a cake with candles by the children at the centre, three days before his 77th birthday.
He blew out the candles and told the children: “I’ll tell you later if it’s good or not.”
Last week, the Pope was named as Time Magazine’s person of the year for 2013, narrowly beating National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden into second place.
Nancy Gibbs, the magazine’s editor, said: “So much of what he has done in the brief nine months in this office changed the tone of what’s coming out of the Vatican.”

Source : Sky news

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