President Banda blames looting on UDF, DPP

Malawi President Joyce Banda has blamed the current Cash-gate scandal on past regimes arguing the massive looting started with the UDF reign and went on when DPP was in power.

In her speech during a Press Briefing President Banda said blaming his government for the scandal was unfair.

“It’s a known fact the challenge has been there before. A lot has been said and I was just listening and reading. I wanted to tell the nation that this has been happening in this country for a long time. In times of  UDF, DPP billions have been siphoned due to corruption,” she said.

“I am committed to fighting corruption. My commitment to all Malawians is that I will save them. There were several cases that were highlighted during the other parties rule; some were investigated while others were stopped from investigations because some people stopped it.”

On calls for her resignation President Banda indirectly hinted she was not ready to do so.

“I felt sorry when I heard that some thought this is a ticket to the state house. I thought this time leaders would speak in solidarity with my government. I thought this would unify us in the fight against corruption,” she said.

The President is facing massive demonstrations organised by Civil Society Organisations with some calling for her resignation.

Banda said she noted about the loopholes in the government payment system which prompted her to institute investigations on how government funds were being looted.

President Banda said she gave Minister of Finance four weeks to investigate the matter and not to spare anyone involved in the scandal.

However, within the period Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo was shot while entering his house in what Banda said was connected to the looting as the culprits were busy trying to hide the loot.

“Luckily, Mphwiyo is still alive and once he is back from South Africa he will tell us what is his involvement in all this,” she said.

As such the President said she had directed that the special crime committee be instituted to continue the investigations.

The President also said she would ask the Speaker to call for Parliament to meet as soon as possible.

She also said she would be calling for an emergency cabinet meeting on Thursday from each ministry to give a report on the scandal.

“I have also asked Anti Corruption Bureau, National Intelligence Bureau and other crime fighting bodies to give regular reports on the fight against corruption. I will be informing the nation on whatever they will be briefing me on the matter,” she said.

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