President Banda faces demos over graft

President Banda’s administration faces mass demonstrations organised by Civil Society Organisations in reaction to the plundering of government funds by top officials at Capital Hill.
Consumers Association of Malawi led by John Kapito has organised the mass demos and more Civil Society Organisation members are joining.
The mass demonstrations are aimed at forcing Banda’s government out of office for letting the looting of government funds.
Banda has been given 30 days to step down or face the massive demos.
But Malawi government has said there is no need to hold demonstrations because recent arrest of top officials at Capital Hill is actually crackdown which is a result of government efforts to root out corruption.
The Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Khumbo Kachale told a meeting with Development Partners in Lilongwe that the recent arrest from the Department of the Accountant General was the result of the crackdown
President Joyce Banda’s Press Officer Steve Nhlane referred to a speech the President made in Parliament on May on his government plan to root out high level corruption
“Information reaching my office suggests that there have been cases of fraud, embezzlement and misprocurement in several ministries, departments and statutory corporations. I am, therefore, requiring all Principal Secretaries, Chief Executives and all public officers who are aware of instances of fraud, embezzlement and misprocurement involving public funds in their institutions or that has come to their knowledge, to bring those matters to my attention as soon as possible….. Banda said State of the Nation Address on 18th May 2012)
“It is my reasoned view that for us to fight corruption, we need to build an efficient and effective public service that delivers on its mandate. For us to fight corruption, we need policies that emphasize equity and development. My Government is committed to ensure that we fight poverty by creating wealth and jobs so that people have access to decent incomes. My Government is developing new and unconventional ways to overcome corruption.”
Vice President Kachale also told a meeting between donors under the Common Approach to Budget Support CABS that the exercise would not spear any one.
The arrests started with shooting of Malawi’s Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo who is battling for his life in South Africa after an attempt on his life.
Mphwiyo was shot three times by unknown assailants at the entrance of his residence in Area 43 in Lilongwe on Friday evening.
He was airlifted to South Africa to get more medical attention and his wife said he was in a critical but stable condition.
Some of the suspect arrested last week after being found in possession of over K500,000.000 have been released on bail by the Lilongwe magistrate court. They were charged with theft by servant.

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