PROFILE: Atupele muluzi



Austin Atupele Muluzi (born August 6, 1978) is the UDF National Chairperson and 2014 Presidential candidate following his election at UDF convention on 30 October 2012. Until recently, he was the Minister of Economic Planning and Development resigning after some members of the ruling party namely Member of Parliament for Mangochi South constituency Yusuf Matumula and Vice President of the Republic Khumbo Kachali verbally attacked him at a rally in Mangochi on 10 November 2012 stating failure of his father’s rule to develop the country and his inability to speakYao as reasons for him not to be voted for.He is member of parliament in Malawi for Machinga North-East and currently one of the youngest standing member of parliament in Malawi, the youngest MP ever being Angela Zachepa who became MP at age 22 and whom he later married. He is the son of former President of Malawi, Bakili Muluzi and Anne Muluzi. The name Atupele was given to him by the Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda.

He attended Saint Andrews School in Malawi and Bentham Grammar School in Yorkshire, England (now Sedbergh School) where he became its head boy. He is a graduate of the University of Leicester, United Kingdom in Economics and Law, and the College of Law in London. He is a lawyer by training.

He is a Malawian politician and member of parliament in Malawi for Machinga North-East for the United Democratic Front (UDF). He was first elected to parliament in 2004 and is currently serving his second term. He is campaigning on an agenda for change. He became Minister of Economic Planning and Development in 2012 under the Joyce Banda administration and later resigned. He then was elected as head of the UDF.

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