Saintfiet offers consultancy services to Flames

Belgian coach Tom Saintfiet says he is available to offer consultancy services to the Malawi national football team however, this time it will not be for free.
Football Association of Malawi president Walter Nyamilandu confirmed the development but said Fam was casting the net wider for the Flames technical panel jobs.
“Yes, Tom (Saintfiet) is available to offer consultancy services for the Flames. But this is something that the executive has not yet discussed. We are meeting next month and this is where a decision will be made as regards the technical positions of Flames,” he said.
He however, stressed that the Flames technical panel job would depend on the availability of funds.
“Whatever we decide can only be implemented once funds are available for the Flames coach from government,” he said.
Saintfiet said before leaving for his homeland that he was confident that he would return to Malawi.
“At the moment there is no future in the way… to run a national team you need funds and money that is not there anymore. There was a last minute scramble to find funds to go to Nigeria. Now for the coming months there’s no money. I worked two months for free and I can no longer do that,” he said.
“I met today(Tuesday) the president and General Secretary and it was a very nice meeting. They were a little bit sad to part because it was a pleasure to work here and when you leave somewhere you liked working it’s sad but it’s part of life, a part of football life and we have to look forward.”
But if there’s an opportunity, if there’s funds I’m sure there’s an opportunity that I can come back. In football, you never know because at that time I also have to be free. It’s possible but about the chances, I don’t know,” Saintfiet said.
Saintfiet was engaged in July by Fam as a volunteer with the mission to beat Nigeria.
Following Malawi’s 2-0 loss and exit, his contract with Fam is over, but the association is yet to meet to decide the fate of the coach.
But Nyamilandu, while confirming the end of the coach tenure thinks Saintfiet has transformed Malawi football in the three months he has been in charge.
“We will, thereafter, enter into discussions with the Ministry of Sports and Malawi National Council of Sports on the permanent recruitment of a national coach of the Flames. This will obviously depend on availability of funds bearing in mind that funding for the Flames has been exhausted. Suffice to say that the position of the national coach and his assistants will be vacant.”

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