Saintfiet quits after loss to Nigeria

Tom Saintfiet has quit as coach of the Malawi national team following his side’s 0-2 loss to Nigeria in a 2014 World Cup qualifying game in Calabar on Saturday.
Saintfiet was engaged by Football Association of Malawi for the Nigeria game with a possibility of a permanent contract if he is successful.
After failing his mission Saintfiet has said he is no longer attached to Fam.
“I never was here to win many games. I was here to win one game (on Saturday) against Nigeria and that was the only goal,” Saintfiet said at the post-match press conference.
He was however no clear on his next move or if he was interested in a permanent deal.
“I don’t feel any pressure because (the Football Association of Malawi) had an agreement till midnight on Saturday.
“From Sunday morning, I have no agreement with the federation and that was clear so I am a professional coach and my future? That we will see in the coming weeks but I am not worried about that,” he said.
Saintfiet’s appointment raised a lot questions after the association said he was a volunteer but would get US$10,000 if he beats Nigeria.
Later Fam bowed down to pressure from the public and scrapped off the bonus.
Instead, Fam president Walter Nyamilandu said the US$10,000 would be channeled towards charitable cause preferably youth football development.
On his part Saintfiet reiterate that he was not in the country for the sake of money but rather to help Malawi beat Nigeria.
“I decided to t drop the allowance and give it to charity because I am not here because of the money. I don’t care about the money. Right now the bonus is not impotent at all,” Tom had said.
“Winning against Nigeria will be a beautiful bonus I can get from my players.”

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