The role of the cathoric church in malawi

Today I joined brothers and sisters of the Roman Catholic Church all over the country in celebrating the jubilee years of service that Bishop Mtumbuka has been providing to the church and the nation.

I took this opportunity to thank the role of Catholic Church in Malawi especially for championing the democratisation process in our country by timely answering to the call of our people whenever necessary. The Church has further been instrumental in consolidating our democratic process through defending the Constitution and citizen engagement.

The Catholic Church through its various Commissions has been active in raising social issues as they affect our people and supporting Government in providing services in health, education, commerce and spiritual-teachings.

I am pleased to note that the Catholic Church continues to shape the moral and spiritual life of our people. The Catholic Church remains a strategic partner of Government in social economic development of our nation

I have assured everyone that , as President of the Republic of Malawi, I will never take the role of our bishops for granted and I will , instead, regard them as partners to develop the welfare of our people in this country.

As President of this country I take pride in the church’s willingness to ongoing dialogue with government and my door will always be open for all religious leaders so we can together find solutions for the betterment of our people.

Thank you for your support and prayers .

May God bless you all!

Dr Joyce Banda
Republic of Malawi

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