UDF upbeat of forming next government

By Yamikani Msukwa

The United Democratic Front’s (UDF) first ever National Policy Conference will initiate honest and robust dialogue on what Malawi has to do to create an enabling environment for transformation of the country’s economy.
The conference will take place from October 31 to November 1 at Cross Roads Hotel in Lilongwe where delegates will also deliberate on the importance of transforming Malawi’s political system so that it delivers for its people and how formal political institutions are central to guaranteeing political participation of all Malawians and shaping sustainable political processes that mitigate against conflict and insecurity, according to the party’s Secretary General, Kandi Padambo.
He also observed that after nearly 50 years of independence, the country is still reeling from high levels of poverty, low economic growth rates and a debilitating debt burden that has resulted from a weak and unsustainable policy environment.
Padambo claimed that the two-day conference will also inform and sharpen UDF’s strategy for bringing Malawi to its rightful prosperity, integrity and national pride.
“The UDF is ‘ready to govern’. It will set out and deliver on progressive and sustainable policies from 2014 onwards, with clear and demonstrable results.
“Malawians deserve this! We want every Malawian to succeed in their economic and social endeavors, to be given every opportunity to improve their learning and skills, especially the youth so that all of us can undertake dignified work,” said Padambo.
“UDF has a good track record of successes, but we realize more needs to be done to deliver for our people.”
The National Policy Conference, according to Padambo, will provide a platform for the preparation of policies and concrete strategies focused on delivering sustainable economic growth and wealth creation for all, bring incomes in line with the cost of living.

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