Waya named Queens coach, off to SA for training

Netball Association of Malawi has appointed Mary Waya as national netball team coach and she has since been sent to South Africa for further training.
The former Queens star and another veteran Peace Chawinga and Griffin Saenda led the Queens in the Africa Netball Championship in June.
However, Nam has settled for Waya as head coach while Saenda will remain technical advisor.
Nam President Rose Chinunda said they opted for the two due to lack of funds.
“Due to budget constraints we can’t take three coaches. We have opted for Waya basing on her qualifications and experience. This is a short term solution,” she said.

We had three coaches during the Africa Netball Championship because we were hosting the games. But this time we don’t have enough money to engage the three at once.”
Waya, born 25 May 1968, is a Malawi’s most revered netball player and coach.
She started playing international-level netball at age 14, and has played in more than 200 representative matches for Malawi.
During that time she has competed in two World Netball Championships (1995 and 2007), three Commonwealth Games (1998, 2006 and 2010), and two World Netball Series (2009 and 2010).
But she came to international prominence during the 2007 World Championships in New Zealand, where the Malawian national team (the “Queens”) finished 5th, their highest ever placing.
She announced her retirement after the tournament, but returned to international competition the following year and was flag bearer for the Malawi team at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

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