Woman fighting for life after being savaged by dogs

Mum-of-four Emma Bennett, 27, is in a critical condition in hospital after she was found unconscious at her home in Leeds with horrendous injuries to her head and face


Emma Bennett
Fighting for life: Mum Emma Bennett

A mum-of-four is fighting for life after being savaged in a dog attack in her home. Friends fear Emma Bennett was attacked by two “dangerous” pets while she was suffering an epileptic fit.

She lives in the house with her boyfriend and an American pitbull and Staffordshire bull terrier although it was unclear last night whether both dogs had attacked her.

A neighbour alerted police when she heard screams of “no, no, no” and officers arrived to find Emma, 27, unconscious on the floor with horrendous injuries to her head and face. Up to 30 police officers were sent to the scene.

Emma was in intensive care on a life-support machine last night, her condition described as “critical. It is feared she may have suffered brain damage.

Her neighbours told how after the attack one dog was found running in the street by police while another was in the kitchen of the terraced property in Leeds.

Police yesterday were unable to confirm if Emma had been attacked by both dogs. One witness spoke of “crazy” scenes as the area was cordoned off by 15 police on Monday afternoon.

They were joined by an armed response unit as they tried to trap the escaped pet.

The American pitbull – believed to be named Dollar – and Staffordshire bull terrier – understood to be called Lucas – are still alive and last night in kennels as police continued their investigations.


Angry bull terrier
Dangerous: An American Pitbull and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are now in kennels

A female neighbour said police arrived quickly at the scene after she alerted them. She said she called 999 after hearing screams of “no, no, no”.

She added: “There were up to 30 officers, some with guns tackling one dog at the front and one dog at the back of the house. “I wouldn’t have them in my house, that’s my impression – vicious animals.”

Another neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said Emma had moved into the street in Leeds around two years ago.

She said: “I heard rumours there was a vicious dog attack after someone had broken into a home but it turned out it was Emma who got attacked by her own dog.

“We’d heard that a few weeks back the pitbull started getting really nasty with her because she is epileptic. If she had a seizure and she was on her own he didn’t like it.

“I think she has had a fit and the pitbull’s got hold of her. Apparently it wanted to go for her whenever she was having a fit.”

It is thought Emma’s condition was so bad it stopped her working.

A third resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “They were definitely dangerous dogs. The dog seemed to be loose for ages and there were two cars that blocked the street off.

“I saw her in the back of the ambulance. Paramedics were pounding on her heart.

“She was floppy.”

A West Yorkshire police spokesman said: “Officers attended and found a 27-year-old woman with serious dog bite injuries. She has been taken to Leeds General Infirmary for treatment.

“One dog which got loose from the property was contained by officers in Back Dawlish Road and recovered.

“Another was safely removed from the address a short time later.”

On Facebook earlier this year Emma wrote about a former dog called Bruno, who they had to have rehome because it kept fighting with Dollar.



Source : Mirror

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